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IMP707 - Vasilios Nikolaou Greece
IMP913 - Stamatis Partsafas Greece
IMP107 - Nektarios Gelias Greece
IMP230 - Sotiris Kottis Greece
IMP642 - John Vlasopoulos Greece
Pilots: 104
Total Hours: 41,355
Total a/c in Fleet: 124
Total PIREPS: 17,319
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 14,621,641nm
Pilots Online: 0
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Pilot Roster

Pilot ID Vatsim ID Location Pilot Rank Hours Status
IMP031 1331582 United States Joseph Adams Senior Commercial Captain 1,745 ACTIVE
IMP061 N/A Spain Daniel Ortez Captain 0 INACTIVE
IMP067 932063 Greece Dimitrios Tsirozis Senior Commercial Captain 1,496 ACTIVE
IMP068 1419225 United States Andreas Kamais Captain 0 ACTIVE
IMP074 873462 Greece Manos Dokianakis Commercial Captain 508 ACTIVE
IMP075 N/A Canada Bachir Skender Captain 1 INACTIVE
IMP107 839027 Greece Nektarios Gelias Senior Commercial Captain 1,745 ACTIVE
IMP108 1209417 Cyprus Marios Adamou Senior Captain 271 INACTIVE
IMP109 1159364 Russian Federation Dmitry Myakoshin Captain 105 INACTIVE
IMP110 1256495 Greece Nikos Troupkos Second Officer 4 INACTIVE
IMP113 1185832 United States DaMon Jones Commercial Captain 518 INACTIVE
IMP122 1294679 Greece Eleftherios Risvas Second Officer 1 INACTIVE
IMP125 1331871 United States Alpha Jalloh Captain 96 INACTIVE
IMP130 1092203 United States George Salagas Senior Commercial Captain 2000h 2,685 ACTIVE
IMP131 1237916 Portugal Ruben Caetano Senior Captain 173 INACTIVE
IMP133 1072596 United States Chris Odysseos Senior Captain 297 ACTIVE
IMP150 N/A Greece Theodoros Aretakis Captain 9 ACTIVE
IMP156 1216001 Greece Giannis Gargavouzis Commercial Captain 577 ACTIVE
IMP160 1275540 Greece Dionisis Papadopoulos Commercial Captain 535 ACTIVE
IMP166 963239 Greece Apostolos Damkalis Senior Commercial Captain 2000h 2,405 ACTIVE
IMP172 N/A Canada John Gavras Trainee Pilot 0 INACTIVE
IMP182 903589 Greece Athanasios Panos Commercial Captain 314 ACTIVE
IMP185 1340163 Bulgaria Kirqki Paridis Commercial Captain 659 ACTIVE
IMP195 1127924 Cyprus Daniel Charalambous Commercial Captain 332 ACTIVE
IMP196 1100005 Greece George Tsintamidis Commercial Captain 396 ACTIVE
IMP202 1128211 Greece Athanasios Goulas Commercial Captain 568 INACTIVE
IMP220 967478 Greece Vasileios Voutsas Senior Commercial Captain 2000h 2,596 ACTIVE
IMP229 822946 Greece Christopher Marakis Senior Commercial Captain 1,512 ACTIVE
IMP230 1191053 Greece Sotiris Kottis Senior Commercial Captain 2000h 4,137 ACTIVE
IMP234 N/A Greece Christodoulos Petrinos Commercial Captain 723 INACTIVE
IMP250 1227911 Cyprus Critonas Georgiades Senior Captain 113 ACTIVE
IMP264 1225957 Greece George Grammatopoulos Senior Captain 120 ACTIVE
IMP265 930708 Greece Sergio Vakirtzis Senior Commercial Captain 3000h 3,895 ACTIVE
IMP267 1337155 Greece Panos Sarmas Senior Captain 107 INACTIVE
IMP282 837897 Greece Ioannis Bouras Senior Commercial Captain 1,917 ACTIVE
IMP284 902737 Cyprus Charis Mamantopoulos Commercial Captain 338 ACTIVE
IMP285 1092579 Greece Stavros Bertenis Senior Commercial Captain 1,719 ACTIVE
IMP291 N/A Greece Xristos Pantos Captain 0 INACTIVE
IMP305 1206262 Greece Thrasos Thrasivoulou Commercial Captain 392 ACTIVE
IMP320 1106928 Greece Vaios Spyropoulos Senior Commercial Captain 3000h 3,730 ACTIVE
IMP323 1309438 Greece Georgios Lompardis Captain 84 ACTIVE
IMP325 1216422 Greece Alexander Stamatiadis First Officer 44 ACTIVE
IMP327 1160518 United Kingdom Phivos Christoforou Commercial Captain 530 INACTIVE
IMP328 1254084 Canada Sam Waters Captain 0 INACTIVE
IMP329 1177644 Greece Mars Peterson Commercial Captain 777 ACTIVE
IMP332 N/A United Kingdom Pierre Roger Trainee Pilot 2 ACTIVE
IMP336 1237879 Cyprus Andreas Tinis Commercial Captain 314 ACTIVE
IMP350 1294817 Greece Chris Voultjatis Captain 98 ACTIVE
IMP366 1287256 Greece Vaggelis Simos Trainee Pilot 10 INACTIVE
IMP380 1189085 Canada George Kyriazis Commercial Captain 435 ACTIVE
IMP387 1267475 Greece George Georgopoulos Commercial Captain 718 ACTIVE
IMP393 1232538 Ecuador Rainel Rodriguez Senior Captain 118 INACTIVE
IMP401 1189087 Canada Theodore Tsirpas Senior Commercial Captain 1,064 ACTIVE
IMP405 824771 Greece Dimitris Tzikas Senior Commercial Captain 10000h 10,321 ACTIVE
IMP423 1284579 Greece Panos Zeglas Senior Captain 274 ACTIVE
IMP425 1221015 Cyprus Alexandros Constantinides Senior Commercial Captain 1,278 ACTIVE
IMP447 1223758 Canada Yiannis Macris Commercial Captain 328 INACTIVE
IMP468 1150603 Greece George Sidiropoulos Commercial Captain 497 ACTIVE
IMP480 1339214 Greece Stefanos Chaikalis Commercial Captain 581 ACTIVE
IMP501 1248761 Greece Stamatis Katsafados Senior Commercial Captain 1,792 ACTIVE
IMP504 1223529 United States Christos Kokkinomagoulos First Officer 48 ACTIVE
IMP521 1203654 Ukraine Viacheslav Mirin Senior Commercial Captain 1,910 ACTIVE
IMP522 1205207 Spain Carlos Canoeiro Senior Commercial Captain 3000h 2,983 INACTIVE
IMP538 1012607 Greece Giannis Gounaras Captain 62 ACTIVE
IMP582 1115305 Greece Manolis Kotakis Senior Captain 222 INACTIVE
IMP586 1233253 Cyprus Vladimiros Tziortzis Commercial Captain 371 ACTIVE
IMP605 1138814 Greece Dimitris Katsikas Senior Commercial Captain 1,819 ACTIVE
IMP618 1304146 Greece Konstantinos Letsas Captain 112 ACTIVE
IMP622 1275524 Iran, Islamic Republic Of Babak Farhangi Senior Commercial Captain 1,519 INACTIVE
IMP642 1204859 Greece John Vlasopoulos Senior Commercial Captain 2,524 ACTIVE
IMP650 1260086 Australia Shaun Brown Trainee Pilot 0 ACTIVE
IMP666 899187 Australia Theo Giourtis Senior Commercial Captain 3000h 3,697 ACTIVE
IMP667 1375380 Greece Giorgos Mantzios Senior Captain 234 ACTIVE
IMP671 1179785 Greece Kostas Papakonstantinou Senior Captain 173 ACTIVE
IMP700 1140483 Greece Fotis Alexopoulos Senior Commercial Captain 1,062 ACTIVE
IMP705 931344 Sweden Andreas Baralos Senior Commercial Captain 3000h 3,288 ACTIVE
IMP707 1011813 Greece Vasilios Nikolaou Senior Commercial Captain 5000h 12,995 ACTIVE
IMP727 N/A Greece Loukas Kouros Senior Commercial Captain 1,206 ACTIVE
IMP734 862594 Greece Stefan Lagos Senior Commercial Captain 1,456 ACTIVE
IMP735 999702 Greece Orestis Doukas Senior Commercial Captain 3000h 3,725 ACTIVE
IMP736 1211580 Greece Giannis Papadopoulos Senior Captain 203 ACTIVE
IMP737 948791 Greece Sakis Katsas Senior Commercial Captain 1,044 ACTIVE
IMP752 1060517 Sweden Akis Georgiadis Senior Commercial Captain 979 ACTIVE
IMP757 1243740 Greece Konstantinos Trovas Commercial Captain 301 INACTIVE
IMP777 888478 Greece Dimitrios Athanasopoulos Senior Commercial Captain 5000h 6,907 ACTIVE
IMP787 1260309 Greece Tokis Kouris Commercial Captain 0 INACTIVE
IMP797 1193898 Greece Menelaos Askordalakis Senior Captain 191 ACTIVE
IMP805 949302 Greece Dimosthenis Iconomidis Senior Commercial Captain 1,257 ACTIVE
IMP820 1220202 Greece Dimitris Niarxos Senior Commercial Captain 1,787 ACTIVE
IMP829 1128867 Greece Manolis Kantounias Senior Commercial Captain 5000h 9,993 ACTIVE
IMP845 1056225 Greece Achilleas Moraitis Senior Commercial Captain 283 ACTIVE
IMP873 1008953 United Kingdom Calum MacDonald Commercial Captain 384 INACTIVE
IMP883 999606 Greece Dimitrios Samarniotis Commercial Captain 366 INACTIVE
IMP902 985972 Greece Evangelos Kagklis Senior Commercial Captain 1,365 INACTIVE
IMP908 1023800 Greece Vasilis Georgopoulos Senior Commercial Captain 3000h 3,668 ACTIVE
IMP913 1098588 Greece Stamatis Partsafas Senior Commercial Captain 1,308 ACTIVE
IMP920 1337155 Greece PANOS SARMAS First Officer 29 INACTIVE
IMP925 N/A Greece Vasileios Botis Senior Captain 110 ACTIVE
IMP929 1195929 Ukraine Michael Grischenko Commercial Captain 835 INACTIVE
IMP944 1212938 Greece Thanos Arbanitidis Commercial Captain 905 ACTIVE
IMP954 1048212 Greece Denis Tzallas Commercial Captain 437 INACTIVE
IMP970 873608 Germany Vasilis Karagiannis Senior Commercial Captain 3000h 3,137 ACTIVE
IMP999 1042135 Greece Yiannis Mourampetzis Senior Commercial Captain 1,092 ACTIVE
IMP1501 N/A Greece Theodoros Aretakis Captain 0 ACTIVE

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