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IMP707 - Vasilios Nikolaou Greece
IMP913 - Stamatis Partsafas Greece
IMP107 - Nektarios Gelias Greece
IMP230 - Sotiris Kottis Greece
IMP642 - John Vlasopoulos Greece
Pilots: 104
Total Hours: 41,355
Total a/c in Fleet: 124
Total PIREPS: 17,319
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 14,621,641nm
Pilots Online: 0
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Pilot Application

To proceed with your registration in the Hellenic Imperial Virtual you must first agree with the following conditions:

  • Hellenic Imperial Virtual is a virtual company that operates on the VATSIM and IVAO networks. For this reason, all the virtual pilots who want to participate in Hellenic Imperial Virtual must have a VATSIM or IVAO membership ID.
  • Virtual pilots should comply with the rules of conduct and behavior of their network (VATSIM or IVAO), in which they have already agreed to upon their enrollment.
  • Flights taken outside the two networks (offline) will not be accepted.
  • The participation of virtual pilots of Hellenic Imperial Virtual in TeamSpeak and the Forum of the virtual company will be governed by the rules of good conduct and support of virtual colleagues.
  • Upon completion of your registration in Hellenic Imperial Virtual, you are awarded the rank of Trainee. Your rank will be upgraded automatically after completing the required hours corresponding to different stages of development. Virtual pilots with proven previous experience can automatically submit them and be promoted to the extent of their respective special request and review of the training officer of Imperial.

Once you accept these conditions you will be able to continue to the registration form.

Note: Hellenic Imperial Virtual reserves the right to complete, review, and amend any of these terms. The virtual company undertakes the responsibility to inform members about the changes that have occurred.

This website is not related to Hellenic Imperial in any way. If you wish to visit the real   Hellenic Imperial Airways please click here.Hellenic Imperial Virtual is a virtual airline dedicated to flight simmers. Any trademark, logos or symbols used in this website is a legal property of the real Hellenic Imperial Airways . Additionally, our policies, activities and opinions have nothing to do with the real Hellenic Imperial.The material and manuals provided in this website must be used only for flight simulation purposes and they are not intended to be used for real flights. Hellenic Imperial Virtual has no responsibility for those not meeting the above mentioned term. © 2011 Hellenic Imperial Virtual. Powered by phpVMS.