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IMP642 - John Vlasopoulos Greece
IMP230 - Sotiris Kottis Greece
IMP829 - Manolis Kantounias Greece
IMP707 - Vasilios Nikolaou Greece
IMP970 - Vasilis Karagiannis Germany
Pilots: 104
Total Hours: 38,164
Total a/c in Fleet: 122
Total PIREPS: 15,865
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 13,360,220nm
Pilots Online: 0
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Welcome to NEW SERVER Hellenic Imperial Virtual, Guest!

Hellenic Imperial Virtual was created to simulate the actual operation of Hellenic Imperial Airways, a Charter company based in the state airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" which has been active in recent years in Greece. The company recently launched direct scheduled flights to and from New York, whiles their direct operational program provides for the expansion of routes to new destinations around the world. Simultaneously, the company pursues the expansion of its fleet to meet with their new operational plan. The main character of the real Hellenic Imperial Airways as a charter company that runs charter flights enables a variety of destinations for our virtual company and expanded choices for the virtual pilot.

"The Globe is our Imperium"

Our Destinations Our Destinations Our Destinations Our Destinations Our Destinations
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Hellenic Imperial Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real-world Hellenic Imperial.

Charter Routes Part 3: Brazil


Participants: 4 pilot(s)
Charter Routes Part 4: Asia


Participants: 6 pilot(s)
March 2019 Top 5 Landing Rates above (-150) fpm.

Pilot Aircraft
Arrival Field
Landing Rate
Date Posted
IMP642 - John VlasopoulosBoeing 747-400ERFKSFB-15619/Mar/2019
IMP707 - Vasilios NikolaouAirbus 321-200LRCL-15609/Mar/2019
IMP829 - Manolis KantouniasBoeing 757-200LGAV-16011/Mar/2019
IMP642 - John VlasopoulosBoeing 737-400KLIT-16202/Mar/2019
IMP230 - Sotiris KottisBoeing 737-800LROP-16524/Mar/2019

VA's average landing rate : -211

Latest Flights
Flight PIC Dep. Arr.
IMC1065 John Vlasopoulos LGAV OMDB
IMP230 Sotiris Kottis LROP GMAD
IMP230 Sotiris Kottis LGTS LROP
IMP230 Sotiris Kottis EPWR LGTS
IMR2343 Vasilios Nikolaou UMKK LGTS
IMR2349 Vasilios Nikolaou LIRP UMKK
IMP230 Sotiris Kottis LDOS LROP
CHARTER John Vlasopoulos KMSY KSFB
IMR5039 Vasilios Nikolaou LGSM LIRP

This website is not related to Hellenic Imperial in any way. If you wish to visit the real   Hellenic Imperial Airways please click here.Hellenic Imperial Virtual is a virtual airline dedicated to flight simmers. Any trademark, logos or symbols used in this website is a legal property of the real Hellenic Imperial Airways . Additionally, our policies, activities and opinions have nothing to do with the real Hellenic Imperial.The material and manuals provided in this website must be used only for flight simulation purposes and they are not intended to be used for real flights. Hellenic Imperial Virtual has no responsibility for those not meeting the above mentioned term. © 2011 Hellenic Imperial Virtual. Powered by phpVMS.